Prepare. Practice. Progress. Persist.


Josh Hurley- Executive Director

Josh Hurley is a pro skateboarder from Dallas, Texas and co-owner of Now Skateboards, as well as a skateboarding instructor. Josh has over 25 years of experience in the industry, having skated for Gringo Skateboards, Converse Skate Shoes (flow), and Rock Star Energy Drink (flow), among others. Ninja Bearings turned him pro in 2008.

Despite his success on the skateboard, Josh struggled with substance abuse and alcoholism as a teen and young adult. He continued to wrestle with an alcohol addiction until shortly after the birth of his son Flip, with whom he credits for giving him the strength to "flip" his life. Josh has abstained from alcohol since 2011. His difficulties as a child and young adult inspired him to dedicate his life to helping others make better choices, using his passion for skateboarding as a tool for transformation. 

Josh is a movie buff and has an unnatural affection for Ranch dressing. He spends the majority of his free time at local skateboarding events, helping promote the lifestyle he loves.



Sarah Beth Hurley- President

Sarah is on staff at the Four Winds Society and  owner of a private energy medicine practice, Heartlight Services, where she focuses on healing behavioral issues and trauma in children and families. She developed the Indigo Aztec Method, an energy medicine technique specifically designed for children. This led her to publish a children's workbook, "Heal Your Feelings", giving children tools to empower themselves to heal their own emotional blocks and upsets.

Sarah is a published essayist, writing mostly about her experiences as a foster and adoptive mom. Her family has provided care for both domestic and international refugee foster children of a variety of ages since 2010.

She is also a speaker and teacher, using her life experiences to motivate and inspire others to live fully and completely. At home, Sarah enjoys mothering her four children, spending time in the kitchen, and collecting yarn. She is passionate about travel and a vocal advocate for global children's rights.