Prepare. Practice. Progress. Persist.

Shine Your Light

When we feel lost or our burden is heavy, it's easy to forget the impact we have on others or why our lives matter. Especially for those who struggle with addiction and the feelings of shame and unworthiness it brings. Last weekend, I was reminded how important each of us are. We matter to our friends, our family, our coworkers. 

Austin Bush lost his life and his struggle with addiction recently. But this is not what we remembered when we gathered in his honor. We remembered him hiding under a pile of Tupperware in the back of his mom's station wagon in order to trick his brother Into taking him to the mall. We recalled his laugh, the way he showed up for others. 

As a group of strangers lit candles in his honor I was struck by how our light, the individual shine that lives in each of us, touches everyone we come into contact with. And this flame living in us is worth fighting for. This is why Switchlife exists. We show up to show kids they matter and there is more to this life, that dreams come true and their voices are heard. 

Our hope upon releasing this board in memory of Austin Bush, is to remove stigma and shame around mental illness and addiction. We are not the sum of our mistakes. We are each, in our own way, a presence and a gift to this planet and those who love us. Keep shining on, no matter what.

Rest In Peace Austin, 

Sarah and The Switchlife Team


The youth in our program are continually learning how to overcome failure and achieve success. As Josh says, "Failure is half of success." In our program, we constantly compare what we're experiencing on the board to what we experience in life. Through these discussions, our young people learn that through hard work, anything is possible, no matter where you start. 

Here We Grow!

We're just being so blessed on our mission with SwitchLife! This morning, we were able to lock in an after school program for the teens in a domestic violence shelter. In two weeks, we start weekly programming for children in the Haltom City area. Other program opportunities are in the works, as well!

A year ago when we started this, our dream was to bring joy and help kids chart new life maps for themselves, while providing free programs engaging youth on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. And here we are, doing just that!

If you've ever been afraid to take the leap and pursue your dreams, let us just tell you how very worthwhile it is. Other people might not always understand, but hold fast to your vision and your calling. When we step into our highest destiny (which is always tied to being of service to our planet and each other), our Creator responds and helps us on our journey. It ain't always easy, but it's always worth it!

That being said, our service can't happen without your support. Each donation we receive helps us expand our reach. We hope to have Switchlife programs happening every weekday all over the metroplex. We can reach that goal with your help. Just click here to donate. Thank you to the donors who covered administrative costs this fall, and to those who purchased new gear for our kids. Thank you for spreading smiles and changing lives. 

In Service and Gratitude, 

Josh and Sarah Hurley